Prisoner Rock Charters offers a variety of trips and packages to suit your interests.  Due to changes in regulations for the 2017 sport fishing season, our basic trip menu has changed.  Salmon will not be available to us, so all the action will be halibut, lingcod, rockfish, and dungeness crab.   Call (541)749-0145 for trip details and booking information.

Our Trips
Half Day Rockfish 
This trip will target rockfish in the vicinity of Trinidad and includes dungeness crab fishing (in season).  Run time is 4.5 hours or limits, whichever comes first.  Cost is $720 plus gratuity for up to six anglers.  Open party rates are $120 per angler (3 person minimum).  All necessary gear and tackle is provided.  All you need to bring is your basic California sport fishing license.
3/4 Day Halibut
For this one, we'll run between 3 and 8 miles offshore, then drop 'em deep for the prized flatfish. Crabbing is included (in season). Run time is 8 hours or limits, whichever comes first.  Your cost is $720 plus gratuity for up to 4 anglers.  All bait, gear and tackle is provided.   **This year the halibut fishery will only be open May 1 - June 15, July 1 -15, August 1 -15, and September 1 - October 31.
All Day Rockfish / Lingcod Combo
A one hour boat ride takes us 20 miles north to the remote and highly productive reef system surrounding the legendary Reading Rock  (pronounced like the city of Redding).  Limits of lingcod (2) and rockfish (10) are standard here.  Reading rock is home to a wide variety of rockfish species, allowing anglers to harvest their full bag limit of 10!  It's not uncommon to come out of there with up to 16 different species of fish on board. Thats very nice , but the real draw here is the abundance of robust, aggressive lingcod.  Dungeness crabbing is included (in season).  The fare is $900 plus gratuity for up to 4 anglers, or $210 per angler with 5 or 6 anglers.  All gear and tackle is provided for you.  
All Day Halibut / Lingcod / Rockfish Combo
This trip has it all!  Half of the trip is spent bottomfishing at Reading rock for lings and rockfish, while the other half is dedicated to the mighty Pacific Halibut.  Of, course, crabbing is included (in season).  Talk about a real freezer filler!!  Be prepared for up to 10 hours of fishy fun on the water.  The fare is $1100 plus gratuity for up to 4 anglers   All bait, gear and, tackle will be provided for you.  This year the halibut fishery will only be open May 1-June 15, July 1-15, August 1-15, and September 1- October 31.
Albacore Tuna
We do not book tuna trips in advance.  If you are interested in Albacore, let us know and we will place your name and phone number on "the tuna list."  If and when they are within range of Trinidad, we will start going down the list and putting trips together.  Your cost is $1240 plus gratuity for up to 4 anglers.  We are way overdue for a good run of albaturkeys off Trinidad.  Cross all your fingers and toes!

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